Urban Dictionary: MonkaS – As a twitch emote, used during a moment of high tension in video games (nervous moment). Twitch emote is Pepe the Frog sweating and looking scared.

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Origem do MonkaS MonkaS. O MonkaS é uma expressão específica do sapo Pepe, um personagem do desenho animado Pepe the Frog, criado por Matt Furie. Embora ele seja mais conhecido como um emoji do Twitch, essa imagem do Pepe já era usada no 4chan desde 2011. O MonkaS foi incorporado ao chat do site de streaming apenas em julho de 2016.

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MonkaS is a twitch emote that is always used to denote a high-pressure, nerve-wracking situation. So if you are ever in a situation like that, you can use this twitch emote to denote your misery. Another way you can use this twitch emote is when someone else is in a situation like this, and you use this meme or emote to represent the fear that they are currently facing. Have you ever felt that.

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MonkaW is a variant of the meme/emote MonkaS, which both feature Pepe the Frog, in this case, he is portrayed as a zoomed in version of the eyes on the original one. MonkaW can be used to express tension, for example when the streamer is playing a horror game on screen and a scary part is up. Part of the FrankerFaceZ, which is an extension to your browser to enhance your viewing experience, on.

MonkaS ist ein Gaming Livestream Chat Emote. Witziges Meme Geschenk für Fans von Stream Shirts aller Art! Shirt mit einer Illustration von einem Frosch, der beim Schwitzen ängstlich aussieht, was typischerweise im Streaming-Chat in Momenten hoher Spannung in Videospielen verwendet wird, um Angst auszudrücken.

MonkaS, pronounced “monka ess,” is what happens when meme culture and Twitch culture collide. It’s popular 4chan icon Pepe the Frog nervously sweating bullets. It typically indicates that.

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