Scrap Hunt wallpapers!

To celebrate that Scrap Hunt now have more than 100 000 downloads (!) on Google Play (thanks to all of you players!) I’ve arranged a few wallpapers made from Scrap Hunt art. I hope you find one you like, and can use! Send me an e-mail if you miss a format. :)

scrap_hunt_wallpaper1_thumb scrap_hunt_wallpaper2_thumb scrap_hunt_wallpaper3_thumb scrap_hunt_wallpaper4_thumb

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Results from Cyberpunk Jam

Out of Energy was voted to a shared 3rd place in the criteria “Aesthetics”, of 265 entries. It also got a high rank in “Polish”, 14th place. The game was placed at number 24 overall.

It’s pretty clear that I had focused a lot on the art, altough a very limited scene. And also to make the gameplay, the little that there was, fluid, pretty and as bug free as I could. It took most of the time just to make it shine.

I’m very happy with the result and with the response it got. Some understood the idea fully, the message with the lack of gameplay, and found it interesting. Others just thought it lacked gameplay. I agree with both opinions.

Here’s a Let’s play of the game by iDubbzTV in case you’re curious:

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New short and experimental game

Image converted using ifftoany

I’ve developed of a new little game for Cyberpunk Jam, called “Out of Energy”. It was completed in a little over a week.

You play a being living on energy, constantly draining, so you must do what you have to do to get more. Programmed as you are, there aren’t many options. What will you do?

Download it for Windows at or GameJolt!

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Scrap Hunt winner of Tizen Game Drive!

Yesterday the winners of the Tizen Game Drive by YoyoGames (the creators of GameMaker) was revealed, and Scrap Hunt won the first prize!

Thank you so much and congratulations to all the other winners!

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Removed cheat scores on iOS Game Center

I just found out that as a developer you can finally remove cheat scores and block users from Game Center. It’s possible for cheaters to somehow send any score they like to any leaderboard they like, which has messed up my leaderboard among many others.

So now I’ve cleaned the leaderboard for “Best scrap hunter” in Game Center, making it correct. Right now __Rixster__ is in the lead with 6624 scrap.

Happy hunting!

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News of the Scrap Hunt update on Super Game Droid and 148Apps

The news of the update is spreading!

James Maxwell, a Scrap Hunt player from it’s first release, over at Super Game Droid (Your #1 Source For Indie Gaming On Android) has just posted an article about the game and the new update here.

Andrew Stevens at 148Apps has posted the news here.
(Rob Rich at 148Apps reviewed the game when it was first released.)

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Major update (1.5) for Scrap Hunt is out!

scrap_hunt_screenshot_01All positive feedback from players enjoying the game, asking for more, got me working on a major update, finishing the game I would say. From start I wanted to add 30 new missions including a proper ending, and two upgrade levels for every item. It took a while getting everything together, but now I’m proud to release this to you, hoping you’ll enjoy it!

If you already have the game installed, update it now and continue the adventure. If you haven’t played the game yet, get it on the App Store or Google Play:

If you have played it, but deleted it, download it again and start from the beginning :)

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Updating Scrap Hunt


A major update is soon done. Look forward to 30 new missions and other stuff!

Here’s a photo from my little factory. Thank you Level Eight for letting me use a corner in your office!

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Scrap Hunt soundtrack now on bandcamp

I’ve just released the music from Scrap Hunt in extended hi-fi stereo mixes on bandcamp:

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Scrap Hunt (iOS) reviewed on 148 Apps. 4/5 stars!

“Scrap Hunt is one of those “came out of nowhere but is totally fun” sort of iOS games.”

Read the review here.

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